10 Best Portable Coffee Makers for Travelers

Whether it is a traveler, a college student, employee, or employer, over 50% of adults consume coffee in America daily. It is about the enchanting coffee’s aroma and taste that makes the drinker end up owning the best coffee makers in the market just to have a cup when needed.

Coffee is simply just not caffeine that helps kick start the day, but it’s also about its preparation, the tasteful scent that fills up the surroundings and the oh-so-sweet sound of coffee brewing. Ask all the coffee lovers what coffee is for them.

All the coffee lovers have their favorite coffee, the unusual way to brew it, and the need to know how to make a cup of it daily, to help them through the day. Traveling to different places can be difficult with how hectic the schedule can be, and drinking coffee using an instant coffee maker is even worse.

Coffee from gas stations or a Keurig is not any less distasteful and that is where portable coffee makers come in. The sleek and handy design of a portable coffee maker fits easily in your bag pack and can be taken everywhere. It’s a treat for the taste buds and for the life of travelers.

Continue reading to find out the 10 best portable coffee makers to take with you on your travels for a tasteful coffee fix daily.


Benefits of Having a Portable Coffee Maker When Travelling

Traveling to different parts of the world is fun, and one witness such breathtakingly beautiful sights that are impossible to compare with anything else. Sure, you could start your day by sipping coffee from the nearest Starbucks or coffee shop, but nothing beats the taste of your hand-brewed coffee which is much more satisfying and pocket-friendly.

How Are Portable Coffee Makers Beneficial on Travels?

  • Convenient no matter where you are: These automatic coffee makers produce tasty coffee in just one press of the button even if you’re on the top of the hill overlooking the magnificent colors of a sunset or if you’re on the road traveling to some other place.
  • Portability: Since these coffee makers are handy, they can easily fit in your carry-on’s or bag pack for you to take it to any destination ready to brew coffee at your command
  • Cost-Effective: Making your coffee is affordable than buying expensive coffee every day. Sure, sometimes it is just convenient to buy coffee but brewing your coffee saves a lot of money at the end of the month.
  • Can be used according to your tastes. Once you understand how your portable coffee maker runs, it will be easy for you to make coffee by adding different flavors and blending it according to your needs and desires.

Consider This Before Purchasing Your Coffee Maker

Don’t just go on and buy the cheapest or expensive coffee maker before considering the following points:

Portability Check

Portability means something sleek and compact in design not bulky and spacious. You, portable coffee maker, needs to be handy and small for it to fit any bag pack that could be carried anywhere while travelling not something taking up lots of space and heavy to carry. Look for light-weight materials to travel with.

Easy to Clean

Buy a product with minimal components for easy cleaning on your travels. You would not get enough time or a proper place to clean the coffee brewer machine if you’re camping in the middle of nowhere. So, put this into consideration when choosing a coffee maker that fit your needs and budget.

The Time it Takes to Brew Coffee

Purchase a coffee machine with brewing time from a few seconds to less than five minutes. The purpose of a portable coffee maker is to brew a speedy cup of coffee, not wait for longer than enough for a single cup of coffee.


Travelling enforces hiking, or experiences that can damage your prized possessions. You can’t always look out for these things when on travels. So, the best choice is to opt for products made of plastic, silicone or aluminium to guarantee safety instead of glass coffee maker which could break easily.

Volume and Size

The size of your portable coffee maker determines the volume of coffee the machine can brew. Buying a coffee machine makes you the owner of it, and you can decide how many cups you want to brew. Keep it in mind, the greater the size of the coffee machine, the bulkier with large volume it will be, and it will take up a lot of space and add weight in your travel luggage.


Coffee lovers don’t specify a budget when they want the best possible coffee every day. However, when you’re on an adventure, maintaining a budget is necessary. Every item has different prices with a distinct set of specifications. It is wise to choose a portable machine according to your budget and which fits the best specifications list according to you.

Different Types of Portable Coffee Makers

Even though portable coffee makers serve for one similar purpose: brewing coffee, but not all their features or how-to manuals are the same. Here are the most common types of coffee makers.

French Press Brewers

For dark and richly made coffee, French Press coffee makers are the best. The process of brewing coffee in a French Press is easy. Simply immerse all the coffee or ground beans in hot water to encapsulate a more natural strong flavor.

Keep in mind some French Press coffee makers are more portable than the others, and the cleaning process is difficult.

Espresso Coffee Brewers

For a hot steaming cup of dark and rich coffee, portable Espresso coffee makers are used. If you are a true espresso lover and take your coffee seriously, then this portable device is the best for you on your travels. Although, this portable coffee maker is expensive than the rest but so worth it when the coffee beans are crushed to extract maximum oils from the beans to prepare a refreshing cup of espresso.

Pour-Over Brewers

Finally, is the pour-over coffee maker. The trendy coffee maker is light and compact to carry with you where ever you go. Take with you your favorite coffee powder or beans and get a replenishing cup of freshly brewed hot joe. It is affordable but what cuts the point is that it takes a few minutes to brew your coffee.

10 Best Travel Coffee Makers

Some of the best portable coffee makers based on reviews and pricing are as follows:

AeroPress Go

Aeropress Go is for coffee on-the-go purpose. Coffee lovers must have heard about this portable machine. It was the first coffee machine to make an amazing cup of drinkable coffee, thus making it famous. The AeroPress Go has a sleeve that can be doubled up as a cup eradicating the need for a separate cup.

Best Travel Coffee Makers


  • Volume: Single Serving
  • Type: Vacuum/Portable
  • Coffee: Ground
  • 350 paper filters
  • Includes stirrer
  • Sleeve used as a cup

Wacaco Minipresso GR

Wacaco Minipresso is another popular travel coffee maker machine. Your companion during adventures and road trips, Wacaco Minipresso, is all you would want. Wacaco is in the list of one of the smallest and lightest handy coffee brewers and easy to use.

Wacaco Minipresso GR Portable Coffee Makers

Wacaco Minipresso operates with a semi-automatic piston. Small water quantity fills up the adapter and after a few piston pushes comes out your freshly and creamy cup of aromatic espresso coffee. Minipresso’s sleek and bullet-like shape includes all the accessories to brew a single cup of delicious coffee and a travel case to avoid damage.

It is expensive, but the handy design, impressive features and impressive espresso-brewing capabilities make it all worth it.


  • Volume: Single Serving
  • Type: Portable Espresso
  • Coffee: Dark Roast Beans
  • Travel Case

Espro Travel Coffee Press

Expect a large cup of espresso brewing in this portable coffee maker in a traditional mug-style. Anywhere you travel, sip on your instant coffee brewed with this portable travel-press machine which is easy to use.

Drink till the last drop as Espro gives you a refreshing cup of coffee from its patented double micro-filter cup which keeps it away from any damage and dirt with a leak-free mug. Your coffee will stay fresh as the filter press doesn’t allow your coffee to get bitter and hot for hours because of its double insulated stainless-steel walls.

Espro Travel coffee maker

It is the best choice for espresso-lover travelers for its durability, leak-free and stainless-steel design keeping your coffee authentic.


  • Volume: 2 Cups
  • Type: Portable Espresso French Press
  • Coffee: Ground
  • Double insulated walls
  • Stainless Steel

BODUM Travel Coffee Maker

BODUM provides the customers with a large variety of products from vacuum coffee makers to travel flasks and much more. This portable machine is easy to use and comes with a non-stick rubber base and silicone band, which makes it reliable enough not to spill the contents and burn yourself with a strong, comfortable grip.

The portable coffee maker comes with a vacuum aspect that keeps your coffee hot for at least an hour. Few portable devices provide that type of amenity. It is easy to wash this coffee maker because of its stainless-steel design and keeps it away from messy grit sticking to it. For a more thorough wash simply use your hands along with dish soap to eradicate the excessive build-up.

BODUM Travel Coffee Maker

It’s an easy portable machine to carry on your travels requiring less time to brew with good quality coffee.


  • Volume: One Cup
  • Type: French Press
  • Coffee: Ground
  • Stainless Steel

Coffee Gator Coffee Brewing Travel Mug

Coffee Gator is a popular go-to choice for many travelers for its vacuum aspect and stainless steel, keeping your coffee fresh and warm for hours. The stainless steel is classified as the military-grade 304 helped to manufacture spacecraft and hip replacements.

Coffee Gator Coffee Brewing Travel Mug

The slight annoyance this travel mug has that it takes quite a few minutes to brew your coffee and remove the filter before you drink it, but it’s far more benefits overlooks the annoyance.


  • Volume: One Cup
  • Type: Pour-over
  • Coffee: Ground
  • Vacuum design
  • Metal Filter

Zyliss Cafetiere Hot Mug

The handy and transportable mug design is beneficial for all travel purposes. Pour in some ground coffee and pour in some hot water. Let it brew for some minutes and then press down the mesh filter to separate ground residue and start sipping. The lid of the coffee maker helps the coffee stay hot for some hours.

Zyliss Cafetiere Hot Mug

The plastic design is durable while traveling and keeps the drink warm. It comes in different colors, so choose your favorite before leaving for your tour.


  • Volume: One Cup
  • Type: French Press
  • Coffee: Ground
  • Affordable price

Coffee Gator Paperless Pour-Over Coffee Brewer

This all-in-one pour-over coffee maker is famous among coffee lovers and baristas for its easy use and compact design. It produces a single serving cup of refreshing coffee from the beans and different coffee flavors on the go.

all-in-one pour-over coffee maker

Coffee Gator is “Paperless” meaning; it comes with a 100% BPA-free carafe to brew high-quality coffee. Its detachable stainless-steel filter is better than paper filter as it is efficient and saves time and is more eco-friendly. It is the easiest to wash and maintain with an open body, fewer components and beautiful design.

This machine comes with the company’s satisfaction guarantee offer and can be easily carried to any place you go.


  • Volume: 1 cup
  • Type: Pour-Over
  • Coffee: Ground
  • Detachable stainless-steel filter

Kohipress French Press Coffee Maker

Kohipress comes in the list of best-selling portable French press coffee makers because of its compact and sleek design. Enjoy a rich, flavored cup of coffee with the “Advanced Isolated Mechanism” this portable coffee maker offers a high-quality mesh filter where the ground residue separates perfectly from the brewed coffee after being pressed.

Kohipress French Press Coffee Maker

Taking this on your travels means almost 3 minutes quick brew time along with a sleek, cylindrical design which is quite worthy of appreciation. While traveling, the coffee remains hot as the inner double walls are insulated with a vacuum aspect kept in mind and utterly leak-free design to avoid any spillage. It sure is a high-quality coffee maker for a fresh coffee on your travels.


  • Volume: 1 Cup
  • Type: French Press
  • Coffee: Ground
  • Double-walled insulation

Cafflano Klassic

Cafflano Klassic is popular for its unique innovation which makes it grind coffee beans, and no extra product is then required to add to your coffee. It is known as the “World’s first all-in-one pour-over Coffee maker” providing an expert approach on bean-to-cup coffee brewing.

Cafflano Klassic is popular for its unique coffee maker

The burr grinder processes the beans into fine grounds. Don’t worry about weighing the beans as it comes with bean level markers of 10, 15, 20, and 30 grams. The stainless-steel filter dripper eradicates the need for filter papers, and then the coffee extracts an insulated chamber. You can carry it swiftly to anywhere with you with how light-weight it is and brews the freshest coffee than any other portable coffee maker.

Though a bit pricey, the Cafflano Klassic delivers the tastiest coffee brewed by any other portable machine which overlooks its price. It has won many awards, such as Best Domestic Coffee Equipment and Most Innovative Product.


  • Volume: 1 cup
  • Type: Portable Pour-over
  • Coffee: Ground
  • Easy-grip
  • Grounds beans

Aerobie AeroPress 801701

This portable device is safe to carry on your travels for its light-weight and durability. It brews such impressive coffee that it can be used at home or at the office too. The Aerobie AeroPress focuses on the uniform extraction, which provides the perfect tasting coffee, not over-brewed.

Brew your coffee at a speedy 30 second with the best flavors. It uses a paper filter to sediment the ground residue. So, place the paper filter in the holder and place it in the chamber and insert your grounds and then pour in hot water.

Arobie Aeropress Brew your coffee at a speedy 30 second with the best flavors

Then press down on the pivot above to make a channel for water to flow through the grounds and into the cup that you will place in front of the machine. It’s very simple to use with no technicalities. The fast brew doesn’t allow the coffee to taste bitter and you already pour in hot water, so there’s no need to wait for it to heat up.

Initially, it uses paper filters and can’t be used again. You can easily find a metallic filter for permanent use. It takes some trials and error to get your coffee right in the start. You can also use finer coffee grounds, whatever suits you best.


  • Volume: 1 cup
  • Type: Portable
  • Coffee: Ground
  • Ease of access
  • Easy to clean

So, these are the top 10 options that you can never go wrong with during traveling. They are real life savers if you cannot go for some hours without coffee. Moreover, they are pretty easy to use, and you don’t need to wait to enjoy a cup of coffee while reading your books or gazing a scenic view.

If you are a true coffee lover, then these portable coffee makers will be the best option for you. They are easy to use in remote locations without a hassle and perfect for those who are planning a trip to a colder region.

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