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When it comes to buying the best cycling Smartwatch, everyone looks for some unique ideas that improve training aspects as well. You will get many options that will make it a challenge to buy the best one. You need to get no worry about that because we are listing the most trending options, which include many exciting features in a reasonable budget.

GPS smartwatches have become handy options for cycling now a day. They can track your exercise progress, tell your blood oxygenation and heart rate, guide you through workouts, and connect to external sensors. 

As a beginner, you can track your progress to set goals and improve them accordingly. Furthermore, this watch is helpful for an athlete to analyze his fitness data. If you are a multi-sport athlete, a smartwatch offers to switch between different modes such as swimming, running, and cycling. 

Few Key Features You Should Consider When Buying a Cycling Smartwatch.

Before diving into the list for the best smartwatch, everyone should consider some key features while buying a cycling smartwatch. First of all, to improve your exercise levels, and become more competitive and more energetic, fitness tracker is essential.

Heart rate monitor and GPS tracker are the critical tools needed to improve your fitness. You can track your location and activities via GPS. These tools are encompassed into the Strava app.

The next thing you should consider is that it should sync with your mobile phone for text, calls, and notifications. These applications are battery draining. Therefore, battery life is critical not just during run time, but also during GPS mode, fitness tracker mode. These points are summarized below:

  • Heart rate monitor as a fitness tracker and GPS tracker to track your activities.
  • Long-lasting battery life even when you’re using battery draining applications.
  • Sync ability with your smartphone. 

Some Extra Features You Should Also Consider Are:

  • Usability–Is the user interface is easy to use?
  • Value – Does it fit your needs? Does it provide value for money considering the functionality?
  • Style –Does it look stunning? Does it match your personality?

How We Tested

Every watch has been added to the list after a thorough evaluation under our professional test editors. We wear these watches in our daily life to measure our fitness level and recommend to you. We check all the essential features like battery timings during different modes that are essential for any cyclist.

We enlist these watches based on the key elements mentioned above, while also considering style and price. We test each watch separately whether these watches are performing their function correctly or not, and then update our lists accordingly. We aim to give an overall good response at reasonable prices to our buyer and viewer. 

Now, it’s time to discuss the best cycling smart watches in detail.

Garmin Fenix 6 PRO 

Garmin Forerunner 945
Best Cycling Smart Watch 1

Garmin Fenix is the best GPS smartwatch that sits at the top of its outdoor range. You will get three versions like Pro 6, 6X Premium, 5X , and 6S with standards, Pro Sapphire, and Pro. We are discussing the Fenix 6 Pro. 

This watch has a large screen, but its light bezel makes less prominent on your wrist. Inside it, a multi GNSS chip is placed that can access the Galileo, GPS, and GLONASS satellite networks. It also has a three-axis electronic compass and barometer altimeter.

Garmin’s Elevate optical heart rate sensor is fixed on the bottom. This sensor has built-in Pulse Ox (Pulse Oximetry) functionality that can measure your blood oxygenation and pulse rate.

Moreover, this watch handles Wi-Fi, Bluetooth connections, and provides full support for the power meter. It offers Strava live segments and crash detection. You can get the advantage of already installed preload map in finding the way. Also, you can create workouts on the device or sync workouts from the Training Peak application.


Screen size: 260 x 260 px 

Claimed battery life standard With GPS mode: 36 hours 

 Touch screen: No


  • Familiar menu structure for cyclists
  • Up to 36 hours battery in simple GPS mode, 72 hours while using max-battery GPS mode


  • Costs an arm and a leg

Garmin Forerunner 945

Garmin Forerunner 945
Best Cycling Smart Watch 2

Forerunner 945 is the best choice for triathletes. It has almost the same features as the Fenix watch in a lightweight design.

You can use it for tracking, cycling, swimming, and running. If you’re fond of cycling, this watch will help you load training data and set new goals accordingly. It is a new model of Forerunner 935 with the facility of Loading Data. 

As a multi-athlete, you would expect some advanced sensors to measure your fitness level. This smartwatch fulfills expectations, plus an updated heart rate monitor sensor adds more value to this device.

A pulse oximeter sensor would help you to feel comfortable to altitude while cycling on the mountains, but this sensor drains the battery quickly. 

Do you worry about getting lost?

This smartwatch has a colored map that helps you to find out the way without having any worry about being lost. Also, it offers offline music player with offline playlist support for Spotify.

These sensors drain battery life, but no need to be anxious about it, especially when your choice is Garmin Forerunner 945. You will get 36 hours of standby time while using GPS mode and two weeks for using it as a smartwatch (No Sensors Usage). If you want to have features like Fenix in slimmer and lighter design, then the 945 is the incredible option instead of Fenix.


Screen size: 240 x 240px 

Claimed battery life standard GPS: 36h (GPS) 14 days (smartwatch)

Touch screen: No


  • Full-color maps
  • Climb Pro
  • Pulse Ox
  • Lighter design
  • Great battery life


  • Still pretty pricy
  • GPS accuracy could be better
  • Need an extra accessory for advanced metrics

Suunto 9 Smart Watch

Suunto 9 Smart Watch
Best Cycling Smart Watch 3

To enjoy the adventure and achieve the goals, you need a watch that can be your companion for long distances. Sunnto 9 is the choice that is built to a person, just like you!

This smartwatch is designed for those athletes who demand the best from their watch. Moreover, it is a gift for those who love to chase long distances or forget to charges their devices.

Suunto 9 has some fantastic feature set. With its long-lasting battery timing, you can track up to 120 hours in the power-saving ultra mode. A massive 320 x 320px touch screen and GPS antenna increase its reliability.

You can take advantage of the Galileo, QZZS, and GPS GLONASS satellites by using the Suunto 9 smartwatch. You can get Bluetooth facilities only, but you can talk to wireless sensors and phones. 

Heart rate sensor with a barometric altimeter is by default available. In power-saving mode, the watch provides gyroscopes (use to measure angular velocity), accelerometer (use to measure acceleration), and compass to get the directions.

It is a waterproof watch that can survive up to 100 meters in rainy conditions. You can also operate at different temperatures such as -20° C to +55° C / -5° F to +130° F.

This watch lacks some features, such as you cannot sync workouts from applications. You’re unable to access offline music playlist; also, there are no Strava live segments.


Touch screen: Yes

Screen size: 320 x 320px

Battery life standard GPS: 25 hours


  • 120 hours battery on power saver mode
  • Charge breakdown before activity
  • A stylish design fit for everyday wear
  • Built to survive in almost all conditions
  • Large screen but could be brighter


Can’t sync workouts to device

Can’t access to the offline music playlist


Best Cycling Smart Watch 4

Series 5 comes with minor updates in series four watch. Like series 4, the latest model has the same screen size, almost the same safety features like fall detection and physical dimensions.

What’s new in the newest model?

Apple added an always-on display screen and compass, which means you can view the data easily. This display feature consumes less battery because the screen dims when it is inactive.

It has a built-in optical heart rate and GPS sensors. You can track your location and activities for about six hours using either Apple’s workout app or third-party apps like Strava.

These smartwatches offer turn by turn navigation using third-party applications such as gazillion. It can only sync with the iPhone, so you have to buy the iPhone for syncing with the smartwatch.

The company claims that it can still run for 18 hours. If you are using all the functions such as streaming music, cellular services, and sensors like optical HR and GPS, they will drain the battery more quickly. Turning off cellular data and Bluetooth will extend battery life with GPS.


Screen size: 394 x 324 px 

Claimed battery life standard GPS: 6 hours w/o Cellular

Touch screen: Yes


  • Super sharp screen
  • Always on feature
  • Built-in compass
  • iPhone integration
  • Breadth of apps


  • Reduced battery life compared to its predecessor
  • Must have an iPhone
  • Higher Price

Fitbit Ionic Smart Watch

Fitbit Ionic Smart Watch
Best Cycling Smart Watch 5

Fitbit Ionic is the most intelligent smartwatch of Fitbit’s brand that focuses mainly on your fitness. It has been trusted and recommended by fitness experts. If you want to track your fitness level while cycling, you will find a built-in installed fitness tracker to do this job. Some of the basic features e.g., heart rate tracker, distant tracker, sleep activities, are already in the Ionic. 

The User interface is rectangular shaped as compared to other smartwatches that are square-shaped. It has a quite bigger screen than other smartwatches. You can see the fitness information even under the sunlight. 

Fitbit Ionic has 2.5 GB internal storage that allows you to store songs and enjoy the ride. You can download the playlist in the Ionic and listen to music in a stress-free way.

Like other cycling smartwatches, it also has GPS to track your fitness stats such as a map of your route, your speed. Fitbit Ionic comes with Fitbit Coach Application, which guides you to get the goals. It has an integrated antenna and GLONASS (Global Navigation Satellite System) that provide accurate data and a stronger connection with global satellite.

Do you want to track your cycling fitness and enjoy the adventure in the rain?

This watch would be your best companion because it is water-resistant. Moreover, you can track your fitness while swimming. Fitbit Ionic has plastic and leather strap design that allows you to look sporty and classy.

With extraordinary features, you would also find some drawbacks like; you can’t access any third-party applications. It offers some built-in apps that are already installed in the Fitbit OS. There may be some bad reviews about the touch screen; as it may be a little slow to respond, to overcome this drawback, hardware buttons are there to help you. You might use these buttons in place of a touchscreen. 

You would not be able to interact with notifications like text messages, phone calls, etc. You can just delete them one by one or all.


Screen size: 348 x 250px

Claimed battery life standard GPS: 10 hours 

 Touch screen: Yes, also two hardware buttons.


  • Provide dashing Looks
  • Fitbit app and smartwatch ecosystem
  • Water Resistance


  • No external sensors
  • Non Interactive Notifications

Garmin Venu Smart Watch

Garmin Venu smartwatch
Best Cycling Smart Watch 6

The Garmin Venu is the Garmin’s first watch, which has a colored touchscreen display. This smartwatch brings new features like animated workouts and a sharp OLED screen. These improved display options, and do not drain battery life. It performs these functions up to one week without charge. If you are using the always-on mode, then it might reduce battery timing. 

The brilliant screen and stainless steel bezel generate a stunning look. It offers plenty of modes of tracking in golf, pool-swimming, running, and cycling. It comes with GPS, HR monitor, fitness tracker, notification support for smartphones, and music player with an offline playlist for Amazon Music, and Spotify. You can either create workouts or get some preload workout to improve fitness. Overall, all the advanced features feel like a real smartwatch.


Screen: 1.2in 390×390 color

Claimed battery life standard GPS: 6h (GPS) 5 days (smartwatch) 

 Touch screen: No


  • Colored display
  • Animated workouts
  • Week-long battery life
  • Brilliant screen
  • More sport-specific features than a similar smartwatch


  • Still not the most thrilling design
  • High Price

Letsfit Smart Watch

Best Letsfit Smart Watch
Best Cycling Smart Watch 7

Are you looking for a low budget smartwatch with advanced functions? Then Letsfit Smart Watch is the best option for you. It is designed for triathletes, means it has three modes for riding, running and swimming. It does the job pretty well when you are in riding mode.

GPS tracker, a barometric altimeter, optical HR, three-axis compass that provides you the direction, long-lasting battery life, and low budget, these would be the features you’re expecting. This smartwatch provides all these features at a budget-friendly price. You can use built-in workouts and create your own.

You can set reminders that would help you to do your workout on time.  There is a smart flashlight that turns on when it is charged; besides, it turns on to indicate incoming smartphone notifications and turns.

It also offers sensors, including power meter, and Bluetooth. Some great features for this watch are, you can create an emergency contacts list, and this smartwatch can detect a crash and send alert to these contact. Its price is comparatively less than other watches. So, it’s the best deal for a low budget smartwatch.


Screen size: 1.3 inches

Claimed battery life standard GPS: up to 10 days

Touch screen: Yes


  • Price
  • Surprisingly functional
  • Powermeter support
  • water resistance
  • Smart flashlight


  • The small screen and font size

Garmin Vivoactive 4

Garmin Vivoactive 4
Best Cycling Smart Watch 8

Garmin Vivoactive4 covers most of the features as the Garmin Venu for less money. It comes with two sizes and different prices. Vivoactive4 has a 45mm size. We would suggest 4 models as it has a bigger screen and battery life. However, both of these models have the same display to show off the fitness stats. 

All of the tracking sensors are placed in it. Respiratory tracker tracks your breathing information while sleeping and during yoga and breath-work activities.

This tracker also detects the signs of sleep disorders such as sleep apnea. Pulse OX sensor shows how well your body is absorbing oxygen while sleeping and measures the oxygen saturation in your blood. You can use Garmin connect app to track your cycle to check how much distance you travel the entire day.

HR sensor measures your heart rate, and it alerts you if it gets high numbers while you’re taking rest. GPS sensor will determine your exact locations throughout your activity.

You can use preload workouts or create a new one using the Garmin Connect app. This watch provides access to offline music playlist from Spotify, Amazon, and Deezer that makes it easier for you to enjoy music during cycling.

This smartwatch can also sync with your mobile phone that will let you see the latest mobile notifications. Garmin’s Connect IQ store is available to download apps, widgets, watch faces.

Garmin Vivoactive 4 offers you battery life for a week and more if you would use less of features like GPS, music streaming, HR sensor, and pulse oximeter, etc. If you are expecting to have a sporty watch with a long-lasting battery, the Garmin Vivoactive4 is for you!


Screen: 1.3in 260×260 

Claimed battery life standard GPS: 6h (GPS) 8 days (smartwatch)

Touch screen: No


  • Good battery life
  • Nice look
  • Useful breathing exercises


  • Heart rate accuracy for high-intensity training

Polar M430

Polar M430 is the new version of M400
Best Cycling Smart Watch 9

Polar is a well-known brand just because of the M400 watch. If you are looking for a watch with the best GPS tracker that gives accurate information, you should consider Polar M430. It constitutes of all the essential features that you would be expecting for cycling purposes. It has a fitness tracker and optical heart rate tracker. It is water-resistant so that you can choose it for swimming purposes.  

Polar M430 is the new version of M400 with new popular features and sensors. It has an optical, wrist-based heartbeat sensor that analyzes your heartbeat. Improved GPS works accurately to track your activities, and a sleep tracker tracks your body movements, breathing rates while sleeping. 

It is designed as a sports watch for all sports activities with the best qualities. While cycling, you would be able to see the screen easily. This smartwatch offers to invert the display option in dark conditions by tapping on a backlight. Moreover, this watch is water-resistant that works well in the rainy season. Swimmers can use it to track their information while swimming. 

M430 has silicone strap with holes to make it fit on the wrist. This improvement is made for those people who were feeling discomfort with M400. If you’re expecting a watch with all the necessary features at an affordable price, then it is the best option. 


Screen size: 128 x 128, monochrome display.

Claimed battery life standard GPS: 8 hours

Touch screen: No 


  • Very accurate
  • Good battery life
  • Breathable band
  • Best heart rate and GPS sensors
  • Waterproof


  • Trouble syncing with mobile phone
  • Difficult setup
  • Monochrome Display that uses only one color to display the information.

Final Word

Cycling is the most popular sport in highly developed countries. Most of the people are in love with cycling. Cyclists demand the best cycling smartwatch to track fitness levels and set goals accordingly. In this article, we have discussed the product ideas in detail. Each product has built-in features and sensors that can make your ride much more enjoyable. We’ve tried to provide the best options to help you check out your fitness data at reasonable prices. We hope our detailed reviews about each cycling smartwatch would help you sort out the best choice.

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