Best exercise bikes for home base gym

There are various perks of training at home. Why do I prefer to workout at home? As there is no one to judge me what I am wearing, how I smell, or how much I sweat. I have my own personal space and freedom. I can fit myself in a session any time I want on my favorite pieces of equipment. 

If I talk about workout equipment in a home, the exercise bike is surely an essential component of a home gym. Now, the main problem is to select which bike will be best suited for your money and needs. Since you have so many great options in the market you have to be vigilant while purchasing such a bike. You have to be careful which bikes are worth your money and which ones are not. Here are a few things you should consider when buying an exercise bike.

What things to look for when buying exercise bikes?

Here are a few things to look for when buying exercise bikes:

1.   Self-Realization – How often will you use the bike

Before buying a bike, what’s the question that I ask myself? Will this purchase be a good investment for me? You have to answer this for yourself. If you are going to use bike frequently and you are a gym enthusiast then go for it. Buying an exercise bike for home is the best solution for those people who can’t go to gym due to their work routine.

2.    Weight of the Bike

Stability of the bike is most important factor when exercising. You don’t want to injure yourself during the process. If the bike wobbles, then you are better off without it. Always check the weight of bike before purchasing. It should be solid enough not to move while doing the workout.

3.   Weight Limit

Double-check the bike’s weight bearing capacity. Otherwise you’ll be putting your safety in jeopardy.

4.   Ease of Maneuvering

When you buy a bike with high stability (heavy weight). The main problem comes with the maneuvering of bike. You may have set up and assembled the bike in one room but now you want to move it into another room. So, make sure, the bike has wheels up front so you can move it easily here and there.

5.   Excessive Noise

Everyone has its own point of view about the noise problem. Some people don’t bother if the bike makes noise but for some it is unbearable. Keep in mind that bikes with fans tend to be noisier. The harder you pedal; the stronger the breeze is and the loud gets noisier. Now, it is up to you whether you are okay with the noise or you want to watch T.V or listen to music while working out.

6.   Right Features

Choose a bike with a comfortable seat. Go for the one that has adjustable handlebars and pedal strap. Consider bikes with programs that allow routine adjustments. Look for a bike that has a clear LED Display and easy-to-use controls.

Buying Guide for Home Based Exercise Bikes

In this guide, I will tell you about all the available options in the market and my honest review of them. From the top-notch Peloton Bike to all the way down to the budget-friendly options on Amazon. I will explain each bike’s pros and cons and how suitable is it for you. Stick with me for a while to get to know the best bikes in the market right now.

1.  Peloton Indoor Exercise Bike

Peloton Indoor Exercise Bike needs no introduction as we’ve all seen the commercials. For me, all the hype that it has is totally genuine and this revolutionary bike has changed the industry. Is it expensive? Yes. Is it worth the price? Yes, it is one of the most immersive training experiences that I have found from the comfort of my home.

Pros Cons
I can use it in my own housePrice is extremely high
I can compare my level of effort compares to other riders.Some of the instructors use foul language. Warnings are provided so that you can avoid these instructors.
The instructors have motivated me a lot, they have a great impact even on recorded rides.
Music choice is available where I can select my preferred style.

Peloton Indoor Exercise Bike

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2.  Concept2 BikeErg

Concept2 BikeErg’s design was made a bit like a traditional cycle. But if you’re wondering that is this Bike gives a killer workout then the answer is a big YES! To me, the design is not that eye-catching but it is a piece of durable and effective equipment to take a beating.

I’ve performed a million meters of the total distance but the bike still operates as it’s day one. Now, this is something special, for sure.

Commercial grade quality parts and aluminum frameThe horizontal adjustment of seat is a bit complex and time taking. 
Clear instruction to assemble bike’s partsThere is no Tablet Holder for the bike
It has RPM and Power measurement.Even the phone holder is sold separately.
Concept2 BikeErg

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3.  YOSUDA Indoor Cycling Bike

Everyone has heard of YOSUDA, as the company only makes exercise bikes. A budget-friendly bike with 1k positive reviews and a 4.3 / 5 rating, YOSUDA is one of the most highly rated on Amazon. Even I started with this bike as its cost is quite low comparatively.

This is a super-quite, belt-driven bike that won’t bother your afternoon T.V routines by its noise. It came with a 30-day full refund guarantee and a 1-year free parts replacement warranty. That was the most compelling thing for me.

Easy installation, I spent about 30 minutes to set up, it runs very smooth and effective. Not a fit use for people taller than 5’9”.
It provides a decent cardio workout.The bike is quite heavy and for me, it was difficult to move it around.
The seat is easy to move up and down.The seat is not that comfortable.
I could easily fit my iPad beneath the display slot.
Best exercise bikes for home base gym

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4.  Assault AirBike Classic

Assault AirBikes are the most popular and common ones. I have seen them mostly in CrossFit Games and also in a lot of CrossFit Affiliate Gyms too.

It has super solid design with an oversized fan and chain drive system. In addition to that, it has a sweat-proof fitness cushion and leather edging too. That is why I like this bike and decided to put it on my best home-based exercise bikes list.

The best thing I liked about this bike; it provides Upper-body training.Saddle becomes loose on some units
You can use arm bars alone or with pedaling.Not foldable
Contains Wireless heart rate receiver.Shipping might cost some extra bucks; depends on your destination
Very Low Maintenance Cost 
Best exercise bikes for home base gym

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5.  Schwinn AD6 Airdyne Exercise Bike

Believe me, this is one of the best exercise bikes for a full-body cardio workout. It has got an over-sized seat with extra padding to make a smooth and comfortable ride. (If you choose to remain seated during the workout). My workout mostly starts from the seat and then I gradually leave that.

The bike is a bit expensive but the features it has, the workout it provides, it really is worth the investment. After all, it’s Schwinn. A brand that has a name and means something when it comes to bikes.

What I liked the most about it; smooth paddlingNo Training Programs
Transport wheelsNo user Profiles
Two-Year Parts Warranty 
Best exercise bikes for home base gym

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6.  Body Rider Exercise Upright Fan Bike

If you’re starting fresh and looking for a budget-friendly option, then this bike will get the job well done. I like this bike personally as it has dual-action hand-bars that engage your upper part of the body as well.

This bike is not a good fit for you if you’re taller than 5’6”. As your knees will be bent despite using the maximum extended pedal length. Keep this in mind when buying this bike, other than that it is the best for the offered price.

Stainless Steel FrameNo Bottle Holder
Not Noisy even with Chain DriveNo workout programs
1 year warrantyNot ideal for people above 5’6”
Best exercise bikes for home base gym

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7.  Rogue Echo Bike

I think if we talk about the beefiest and robust bike, Rogue Echo Bike will be upfront. It is a strong built deconstructed version of a Squat Rack. Some people say that Rogue took a squat rack and turned it into a bike. It’s that beefy. The only thing that I can complain about this is its warranty. It has a two-year period for frame and parts warranty.  But, Schwinn AD7 offers 10 years and Assault AirBike Classic comes with a 5-year guarantee.

It features a belt-driven fan rather than a traditional chain-driven system. For me, the experience has been smoother, quieter and durable. Its solid foundation makes it rock side to side very little even when a strong athlete goes all out on a full sprint. The bike is heavy and very strenuous to move. But it comes with wheels in front making maneuvering quite smoother.

Strong structure, doesn’t swayWind guard is not included in the packaging
Belt Driven Fan SystemShorter Warranty Period
Large LCD Console 
Easy To assemble 
Compatible for Heart Rate Monitor too 
Best exercise bikes for home base gym

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I’ve tried my best with the purest intensions to guide you about which bikes are best in the market. Which things you should see in an exercise bike? I have also mentioned some of my favorite bikes with my honest opinions about them. There is a bike for everyone, all you have to do is find the one that best suits your budget and requirements. Happy Hunting!

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