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Indoor exercise bikes aren’t a new thing, they are gaining a lot of popularity nowadays. Why? Because they are smarter and internet-connected now. And they publish bulky ads all over Instagram and the sites you visit online.

Peloton’s own bike is one of the most famous smart exercise bikes, I can assure you that. But it has its shortcomings too. For me, it’s super expensive. The bike’s handlebar only moves up and down, not fore and aft, and that means you can’t adjust it the way you like. It also has a fixed screen that can’t be used to surf the web, connect to apps, or watch YouTube videos.

I also want a smart exercise bike for me so that I can sweat out in the morning.  No doubt, the idea of Peloton is great but it is really hard to pay for such a big cost upfront. Its monthly subscription service fee and other limitations described above are really expensive. Luckily, there are some very good alternatives out there and they are just as effective.

What to Consider in a Peloton Bike Alternative?

I’ve analyzed at a mechanical level, and found out that most of the exercise bikes out there are very similar to one another. They all operate with magnetic resistance systems that adjust manually. And I think they are all quite sturdy as well. But these bikes differ like how their programs are delivered (on the bike or streamed to your tablet or TV). How many classes (live or on-demand) you’ll have access to. How much they cost (both for the bike and for the monthly streaming services). And how long their warranties last. You will also see this in the alternatives below that are as equal to Peloton. So, I realized if I am willing to give up on a few non-essential features. I can actually save myself some pretty decent savings.

The Top 8 Peloton Bike Alternatives

1.   NordicTrack Commercial S22i

image 13

For me, The NordicTrack S22i is one of the biggest competitors of Peloton Bikes. I compared it at a spec-to-spec level and found that it is very close to the Peloton Bike’s setup. The screen comes with the same 22’’ screen as of Peloton. The difference is you get access to iFit (1-year subscription included). The subscription delivers thousands of on-demand spin classes from a multitude of instructors. And I was amazed to see that they also offer “Around the World” courses. These courses take me down to the real-world HD-recorded circuits. Although I don’t get live classes as I would from Peloton. But I can participate in leaderboards and track my progress too.

2.Echelon Smart Connect Bike EX3 Max – Peloton bike alternative

image 14

Recently, Echelon decided that they were better off leaving the hard tech out of the equation. It makes sense, as there are millions of iPods and tablets around the globe. This bike gets the job done perfectly well for me. After I got the monthly subscription, I was able to take part in unlimited on-demand spin classes.  You can also get this bike for just over $1000. And when pay the $480 worth of monthly memberships, you can save a fair amount of money as compared to Peloton.

3.   Horizon Fitness IC7.9 – Peloton bike alternative

Horizon’s entry into this space is one of the best things that have happened to me.  It has introduced a new software agnostic approach to the industry. Rather than saying “With bike X I get subscription Z”, It has overthrown that concept. I can use any fitness app or program. As this bike works in conjunction with a string of different fitness streaming apps. And that includes the Peloton app as well.

image 15

All I need to is drop my tablet in the holder, connect to the bike, log into my app of choice, and I’m off to the races. I don’t have access to leaderboards and the kind of competition I can get from the Peloton. But other than that, I am getting a very matched experience on a well-engineered bike. And all that for a fraction of the cost as compared to Peloton. Needless to say, but I am, personally, a big fan of this one! 

4.   Bowflex C6 Bike

image 16

This bike also resembles the Horizon and that’s what I like the most about it. It is a well-built indoor cycle that pairs up with different fitness apps of my choice. These apps also include the Peloton app once again, but with limited functionality. It is also worth mentioning that Bowflex is working on a handful of apps/services. These apps will work with the bike, including their own version of “Around the World”.

5.   Flywheel Home Bike

The Flywheel home bike is the closest competitor with Peloton training experience. Flywheel offers daily live courses for riders to tune into. i.e approximately 4-6 times per day. There’s also access to thousands of pre-recorded on-demand classes.

image 17

One key difference that I have noticed is that the Flywheel Bike’s built-in screen is optional. If you decide to add the screen, then it ends up evenly priced with Peloton (about $2,200). But use your own tablet or smart TV for streaming and you’ll save a few hundred bucks.

6.   The Myx – Peloton Bike Alternative

Myx Fitness is a relatively newer bike company. For me, Myx is one of the purest Peloton clones out there. It comes with a 21.5-inch screen and original, in-house fitness programming. Myx costs just $1,199 and a monthly subscription fee of only 29$. And this means it isn’t just easily comparable to Peloton but also quite cheaper.

image 18

It also has reversible pedals (toe-cages on one side with shoe-clips on the other). It also has handlebar height and depth adjusters, and a monitor that can tilt and pivot. I’ve found NordicTrack’s S15i also a good bike but that costs around 400$ more and has a smaller screen.

7.   ProForm Smart Power 10.0

image 19

After using ProForm’s Smart Power 10.0 I’ve realized that this is basically a budget version of its high-end exercise bike. It still offers a steel body and a 10-inch HD color capacitive touch display. It also comes with ProForm’s iFit membership service enabled. As ProForm claims to offer “digital resistance”. I checked that out and it gave 22 different resistance levels with a 250-pound user capacity. There’s a full seat and handle-bar adjustability along with a water bottle holder. What I loved the most? This machine costs only $999, which is quite low as compared to Peloton.

8.   ProForm Studio Bike Pro

Next up on my list is the Studio Bike Pro from ProForm. This machine is about $1,300 cheaper than the Peloton. But still comes with a 10-inch screen and a free year of live workouts.

image 20

The trainers are also able to control your resistance, but not your incline, like with the S22i. The seat and handlebars are also all adjustable. Honestly speaking, this is one of the best value you can get for a Peloton-like cycling experience.


I have presented every alternative bike you can get as compared to Peloton. If you don’t want all the features of the expensive Peloton bike, this guide would’ve helped you. Look for the bike that has the most features you want, but gives a fair price. It’s totally up to your choice. Look for yourself whether you’re interested in bike’s size, or screen size. Do you want a tablet or bottle holder or not. Do you need fitness apps or different programs? Make a list of the features you want. Set your budget and then see which bike suits you the best.

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